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. probably. dr. oz: you're like so many folks, eespecially those of us who have falling dreams. for me it's an issue of curiosity but what makes me hit the ground one day and not the other? that's really the reason everybody interprets their dreams. it's just curious, look at what you've done before. thanks for sharing. the next dream everyone has is about being chased. you're sweating, yet chilled to the bone and you're running as fast as you can. someone is chasing you. you plead with your feet to go faster. but it's too late. as you're grabbed from behind you wake up in a cold sweat. are you nuts for thinking someone is going to get you? so camille says she has had chasing dreams for years. exactly who was chasing you? >> well, dr. oz, my husband is the one who i see when i turn around. i've been having the chasing dreams where i'm being chased. the scenery stays the same it's either at home or work, going up the stairs, down the stairs, going in circles but i can't get out of the scene. the scene stays the same. my heart races. i always wake up at the point before i'm caught but my he
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1